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Jared Michael Martin


Jared was a talented soccer standout in the position of Keeper (goalie).  Jared took his life on June 14, 2014 after silently battling depression after the suicide of his biological father in 2010.  Jared had an amazing ability of bringing people together as well as a passion to help people.  It is this passion to help people that inspired the founding of Jared's Keepers Foundation and the You Are A Keeper campaign.


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​​Our Mission


Our mission is to spread the message that suicide is not the answer. 

In 2014, Jared Martin took his life by suicide. He was a friend, teammate, brother, and son. He is missed everyday, but with the help of this foundation, we are able to spread suicide prevention and awareness resources so that others know suicide is not the way to end the pain. Our foundation is fully dedicated to providing resources to those who are struggling (all ages) and providing support to those who have lost someone to suicide. Together, we can end suicide one day at a time! 


You Are a Keeper

You Are A Keeper is a campaign we are spreading to schools, churches, and organizations across the country and across the World. We believe everyone is a Keeper. Suicide is 100% preventable. Through this foundation we are in hopes to bring awareness and allow individuals a resourse to find help through the many options available.